Fund serves as blood in the life of every parastatals. Now Enugu state transport company been a parastatals can never do without fund for the parastatals to attain numerous activities. Funding become a sinequenon, example payment of salaries, provision of training programme, and recreation centre. This however tries to limit its work on the Enugu State transport company, it comprises of five chapters which are the introduction, the literature review, research methodology data presentation and its analysis as well as testing hypothesis and the summary of funding, conclusion and recommendation. In the courses of this research the researcher was able to find that base on political instability that scare the public away from investing in state parastatals also, the issue of privatization has experience since independence hinder the growth of state parastatals. The researcher also recommended that some shortcoming of states parastatals like qualified personnel, inaccessibility of road, moral persuasion and design of internal control system should be corrected to facilitate and consolidate state parastatals.



























††††††† In every given system, the system has basic fundamental function to perform of the system is to exist Enugu state has some basic functions and responsibilities to discharge. These basic functions include provision of social amenities, such as health care centers, water, road, education and construction of market and Motor Park etc.

††††††† However, the state government cannot meet these demands unless it has adequate fund available. Since these amenities are to be enjoyed by the people. It has become worth while for the public to make construction in the form of takes to ensure its provision. And the power to fix every adult was contained in the state government edit of 1968.

††††††† Therefore, proper revenue generation and expenditure pattern can be said to be any system which is adequate in design, ensure proper assessment, investigation and collection of all monies. Rom taxable adult and property and adherence to cost placing and control over all expenses and avoidance of fund and misappropriation.

††††††† Because of the rising cost of these essential needs services that state government adopts various channel of revenue generation including the local government sub ventions. The various form of revenue generation are:

                    Adult tax

                    Markets where state finances are involved

                    Road taxes

                    Forest reserve charges

                    Sales of state property

                    Stamp duties (instrument executed by individuals

                    Business premises registration and renewal level

                    Interest and dividends state investments.

                    Street registration fees in state capital

                    Development levy (individual only)

                    External loans approved by federal government internal loans.





††††††† Revenue generations are almost a duly routine because no day possesses without function of markets, most especially ďas in market where state finance are involved. Road taxes, forest ensure charge and stamp duties above.

††††††† The accounting system will look incorporate of the expenditure pattern as part of the scope of this project topic is not included

††††††† It is also on record that the administration do not have sound accounting knowledge with particular influence to the investigate a scientific proof on the adequacy of federal government accounting system and provides possible solution to proper and adequate accounting records for the state government.

††††††† It is clear some of the staff who are unemployed to general revenue are not properly counted, lack manner of approach and security guarantee in the part of the revenue collect and over the money collected.

††††††† It is on record that some revenue collectors do not make daily remittance to the sub treasuring passed by the authority which signify weakness in the internal control system of state government. This system of allowing some revenue collectors some weeks or months before rendering accounts to the treasury department is a negation of public accountability and against the interest of stewardship accounting and time value of money.

††††††† The pattern of expenditure by the role administrates chairman is a matter of concern to any well meaningful citizen of the state government of which the action may be termed misappropriation of funds.

††††††† Funds meant for a different project is directed to project of administrations interest. This approach has a lot of problem in payment of primary school teachers and staff Enugu state basis salaries and allowances.

††††††† Most political appointees and chairman of the state government award contracts without proper and sufficient evaluation of the project. They either fail to asses the project by NPV (Net present value) PBP (Pay Back period) and cost of investment analysis that before the end of the project execution the funds sunk will not be a waste




(a)††† How would proper and adequate accounting record improve revenue generation and expenditure pattern in Enugu state Transport Company Ltd (Entraco) and also enhance development in the state government parastatal?

(b)††† How would inadequate manpower and facilities affect revenue generation and expenditure pattern in Enugu state government parastatal?

(c)††† How would enlightenment programme and staff pattern Enugu state government parastatals?

(d)††† Does poor communication gadgets effects revenue generation and expenditure pattern?

(e)††† How does language dichotomy generation in the territory.




††††††† Although, it has been highlighted in the introduction on that the main purpose of the study is to inject new system of revenue generation and suggest ways of complete adherence to proper and adequate records of accounts and condemn any term of misappropriation by the administrations and chairman.

††††††† The study would reveals and investigate management control weakness and suggest way of improving their quality of control. The project will set forth the state government needs for budget as a control measuring or planning mechanism of organization††

††††††† The project must also condemn any budget that has been established by the management and used by the management as a tooth less bull dog.

††††††† The project will be able to accept all efficient quality of control established by the state government administrator.

††††††† The nature and scope of the study will be based on the state government between 1987 to May 1991 by this writers sole objectives is to investigate and evaluate all the possible factor which are the major constraints and under adequate and expenditure pattern in Enugu state transport company in a state government parastatal for this important purpose the research aims at:

i.             Identifying and establishment the facts whether there are the improper collection methods of revenue.

ii.            Establishing the facts whether there are the improper collection methods of revenue.

iii.          Establishing a scientific proof whether there are shortage of manpower and facilities in the local government and treasury department.

iv.          X-raying the exploring the cause of tax evasion and avoidance.

v.           Whether non-accessible made and inadequate communication gadgets effects revenue generation in the State.

vi.          Whether religious factors and language dichotomy constitute a major hindrance or revenue generation.

vii.        Analyzing and assessing of revenue generation.

viii.       Suggest and recommended the possible way of improving expenditure pattern in Enugu State Transport company is a state government parastatal.



††††††† While carrying out my research question in the Enugu State, transport company ltd (ENTRACO) Gariki Enugu. I met with the chairman of the revenue and expenditure department, I was guided by some staff of the office who led me to how revenue are generated some possible question, strategies to generate revenue the expenditure accounts the problems gotten which making decision etc.

i.             How do government Parastatal raise its fund?

ii.            Do they have enough revenue to carryout their duty?

iii.          Is the fund properly managed?



††††††† This project shall serve as a corrective measure by those in the authority and a guide for the incoming executives. The study would be meaningful in the following parties who are in position to attend a change and also ensure cost benefits analysis.

a.           The state government official that is the policy made. This cadre in the state government service will found the work useful since the study is set to address issued of cost benefits to revenue generation and proper accountability of all forms of state government revenue, it would also address itself to area of lapses of discouragement.

b.           The state government would also appreciate the study as it will serve as a check by the state. As a growing territory the project will for in part of its routine activities in the administration of Enugu State Transport Company generation and expenditure pattern. The project will suggest ways to both the territory and local government on how to improve their productivity and efficiency.

c.           The third group to whom this study would be meaningful in the public most especially the tax payers since the state government is not to one man business then the need for public accountability and stewardship accounting becomes imperative are of the taxation principles is that a tax payer should be intimate from time to the purpose and utilization of this payment. Even in one business the need or proper need for stewardship accounting which the Enugu State Transport Company is obliged to utilize such revenue on development project and the state government parastatals.



††††††† The limitation of the study is the inability of the researcher work to examine any accounting record that have not been kept by the state government and no accounting record outside absolute interest of the study to examine and analyze all relevant accounting data and information only those accounting standard if information under the periods are selected.



There are terms used in this project work should be explicated more since it has different to avoid romantic difficulties, the following terms are as follows:

i.                   STATE GOVERNMENT: This refers to the existence of federal government by which they are created and to while they are their continued legal existence. At time, the word infers infa- sovereign unit is used to reduce congestion of work at the unit centre.

ii.                 REVENUE: This simply refers to the sum of total money received or income received from in source. The accountancy concept of revenue should also include all accounts receivable with misadherence to accrual concepts.Revenue either be internally or externally generated. External revenues refers to state government and local government grant annually while internal generated revenue include taxes, fees, fines, tenement rate, municipal undertaking.

iii.              EXPENDITURE: This refers to all expenses, cost and outlay undertaking by the state government in meeting socio-economic needs of the popular and the running day to day revenue expenditure. It is said to be revenue expenditure when cost or expenses are incurred to generate revenue. The accrual concept of expenditure recognized and only when cash/ cheque is expenditure but when negotiated and contract has been concluded.

††††††††††††††† A typical example of state government expenditure are salaries, rents, rates, electricity bills, which other expenditure may be termed capital expenditure include to already existing fixed assets, purchase of land construction of roads account.

iv.              MANAGEMENT: This refers to the application of skills or a system or planning organizing directing and controlling of material and human resources and money to achieve optimum and efficient returns. This includes the application of skills in revenue generation and cost minimizing.

v.                 ENGAGEMENT: This means any land with or without building which is held or occupied as a district or operates holding or tenancy and what in water by the state government.

vi.              TENEMENT, RATE OR PROPERTY RATE: This simply means a rate levied or the occupation of land and building within a giving area of state government. It is generally said that the occupiers (Owner) not the land is reliable but the occupies is referable in respect of land building the occupies or owns.

vii.            IMPROVEMENT: This is a system or process of security and increasing resources and revenue available to the state government in fulfillment of its aims objective ensuring minimum write and maximum efficiency.

viii.         FISCAL FEDERALISM: This simply means the independent sources of finance for state government with the state system. This involve the issue of inter governmental financial relation in the form of adjusted of fiscal in balance among the different level government.

ix.              TAX AVOIDANCE: This simply means a purposeful and international refusal by taxable admit to avoid tax payment.

x.                 TAXATION: This is a system whereby the tax payer exploit the loopholes as a result of weakness in the collection method by the tax authority to avert themselves from tax.

xi.              TAX REBATE: This refers to a reduction or tax to be paid by individual companies who engage in Agricultural production as expressly contained in the tax law 1987.

xii.            MISAPPROPRIATIONS: This simply means administrative and financial heads or subheads to the detriment of that subheads or heads.



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