This work is on Traditional versus modern communication: A Comparative study of effectiveness of information on Agriculture and Health in Amaeze in Ivo L.G.A. Ishiagu Ebonyi state. Questionnaires was used to collect informationChi-square methods was used for the hypothesis testing .these were the results that was concluded from the testing. Traditional and modern media are available to the people of Amaeze. Amaeze community receives information on agriculture and health from both modern and traditional means of communication. Having confirmed the analysis that both traditional and modern communication is effective in the area efforts should be made to ensure that that these systems that provide them with information on agriculture and health should be improved and developed.



















††††††††††† Communication is the transfer of information and understanding from one person to another is a way of reaching others with Thoughts and values.

††††† ††††† According to Davis (1981:399),''communication is the process by which we understand others and in turn endeavour to be understood by them. It is general knowledge that communication is dynamic, constantly changing and shifting in response to all situation''(Dance 1970).

††††† ††††† Communication is a part of life that man cannot run away from, no matter how hard he tries man can not be independent; he must come in contact with people and interact with them.

†††††† †††† Communication started with the creation of man. Itís an age long tradition before the coming of the Europeans, people had their systems of communication .signs and symbols were used communicate between amongst people that share and understand these signs. Signs and symbols vary from community to community. In the rural areas gongs were used by the town criers to call out villagers to various meetings at various venues. They were also used to pass information to villagers from the kings or the village head. Other signs like smoke on a hill or mountain were also used to convey messages. With the coming of the Europeans everything changed, They brought modern means of communication. Improvement in science and technology brought about more modern means of communication and therefore made communication easier for people all over the world. Poor communication still poses a threat on our rural areas, this is the mainpurpose of this study to find out which means of communication between traditional and modern is more effective in providing information on health and agriculture in amaeze community.



†††††† The twentieth century has been described as the ''communication age''(Lawrence 1998:50) As he said, this is because communicationaffects human lives at any pointin life and also determines what the results of our efforts will be. He also made the statement because people have been able to achieve things they used to think was impossible and difficult because of communication technologies.

†††††† We are living in times where every nation, community seeks for development and development cannot take place without effective communication.

††††††† The problem of this study is therefore to find out, the reason for poor communication in the rural areas.


†† The aim of this study is to help identify the most effective means of communication of information in the rural areas between traditional and modern media.

††††† Another aim is to involve the rural dwellers in the process of communication development so that they don't feel left out in the ''communication age''.The study seeks to improve communication systems in the rural areas to update them on events in the world.



††††††††††† ††† Basically, the essence of communication is to create a suitable environment for proper socio -economic development in a nation. It is necessary to know that people are ever inquisitive and curious therefore they will be eager to be updated on events that may have impact on them negatively or positively.

††† ††††††† The rural dwellers stand to benefit from the study as well as other researchers who might to use past findings for their study.

†† †††††††† It is hoped that this study will help to improve communication systems in the rural areas. It will help create awareness of invents, facilities that will help assist them in agriculture will also improve the media that will constantly educate them on things concerning their health and well being.

†† †††††††† On the part of the policy makers this study hopes to alert and remind them of their responsibility to the rural areas and to include them in the agenda not neglecting their needs, especially their major source of living and survival (agriculture).


1.5 RESEARCH QUESTIONS†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

†††††† The following questions were formulated to find out basic fact about the effectiveness of traditional and modern means of communication on information on agriculture in Amaeze community.


1. To determine the system of communication that is available to the rural †††dweller

2. Which system between traditional and modern do they note as more effective?

3. Which system do they prefer to be improved on?


1.6. RESEARCH HYPOTHESES††††††††††††††††††††††††††

†† †††††††† ††In view of the problem already stated and the objectives which the study is set to achieve, the following hypotheses emerge for testing:


H0.Traditional means of communication is not available to the residents of Amaeze.

H1. Traditional means of communication is available to the residents of Amaeze.


H0. Amaeze community does not receive information on health and ††agriculture from both media.

H2. Amaeze community on health and agriculture from modern and †††traditional media.

H0. Amaeze community does not sees the traditional media as more effective.

H3. Amaeze community sees the traditional media as more effective.


††† ††††††† This study was designed to find out the effective means of communication in the rural areas (Amaeze community in Ivo local government ishiagu Ebonyi state) whether it is the traditional systems or the modern systems.




†††† †††††† This is done to help situate some terms in the context of the study.


†††† †††††† Conceptual, this is being part of the belief and customs or way of life of a particular people that have not changed for a very long time.

††††††† Operational, this is the old ways in which the rural people communicate with each other and pass down information before the coming of the white man and the western life and culture.


†††††††† †† Conceptual, this is the use of the latest technologies, designs and materials etc. it is also considered to be new and intended to be different from traditional styles.

††††††††† Operational, this the advanced and newest technology and medium that came with the Europeans to aid communication. It is the use of radio, television, Internet etc to pass down information to the mass instead of the old ways of using town criers to pass down information to the people.



††††† ††††† Conceptual, this is connected with studying things to find out how similar or different they are. It is also judging and measuring how similar or different it is to something else.

††††† ††††† Operational, this involves comparing traditional and modern means of communication to find out which is more effective in the rural area.


†††† †††††† Conceptual, This involves producing the result that is wanted or intended; producing a successful result. To cause something to come into use.

†††††† †††† Operational, this is finding out the successful result caused by modern and traditional communication on the rural dwellers.



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