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The Nigerian government established the National Youth Service Corps in 1973 as a means for furthering national unity. The program deploys Nigerian university and polytechnic graduates for a one-year period away from their home states to areas in Nigeria they might otherwise not have become familiar with. This research work develops a measure of proper deployment (using the standards mandated in the establishing decree for the NYSC) and analyzes the deployment decisions made by the NYSC staff during the 1980s. Significant deviations from the manual system in use are made by implementing a computer based NYSC deployment system. This research focuses on the practical approaches to computer based Information Systems. The two crucial technological areas covered include the conversion of hierarchical or network database systems into relational database technology, or from relational to object-oriented databases, and the integration of database systems and expert systems to produce management information systems (MIS) and executive information systems (EIS), where the concepts, the approach to be taken, and the benefits gained are summarized. The implementation of the automated system was carried out using Visual Basic 6.0


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