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In the slavish imitation of an alien way of life, the African created in himself a kind of desire for western ideals, value and culture, and devaluing of things. African and thus confirmating the progress and success of the western process of dehumanization. As a result, the African has not been able to live authentically up to his cultural ideals and aspiration as African and as such, suffers alienation, identity and personal conflict. Therefore, to live authentically as Africans, in his cultural characteristic as “being – with”, which is simply his tendency to stick together as a member of a family for self discovery and recovery, Nyerere postulates that the African must have nostalgia for traditional humanistic worldview which is expressed in Ujamaa the traditional African love for children, the family, for wholesome personal relations, community and hospitality, which gave meaning and purpose to traditional life and characterized the African as humanistic.

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