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It should depress us that the Government and oil companies in the Niger Delta are the cause of the problems facing the people.  To expose and deplore this ill is the Kernel of this project.  The research is divided into five chapters: chapter one consists, the introduction which shows us where oil was first discovered in Nigeria.  Also we have the statement of the problem.  Here, we see how the oil producing communities have always been cheated; the revenue allocation process in Nigeria have usually been made to favour the majority ethnic group.  Furthermore, we have the significance of study, the scope and the research methodology – this is, the various materials that led to the success of this work. Chapter two is the literature review which includes the various works of writers and comments which are related to the topic of my writing. Chapter three explores Niger delta problems using Kaine Agary’s Yellow Yellow. Chapter four also talks about Niger Delta problems using Tanure Ojaide’s The Activist.  Finally, chapter five summarizes, concludes and gives recommendation to this research work

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