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This study investigated the level of scientific literacy of non-science pre-service teachers in five departments of six universities which offer education courses in their programmes. A sample of 590 participants were drawn through randomization and stratification from the course options of educational foundation, guidance and counseling, business education, language education and social science education. The instrument for the study was a Basic Scientific Literacy Test (TBSL). This comprises four sections namely;

(i) Test of basic content knowledge of 30 items (ii) Test of scientific attitude of 10 items (iii) Test of knowledge of nature of science of 10 items based on 5 point likert-type (iv) Test of application of science knowledge of 10 items. The reliability coefficient of test (i) and (iv) of the instrument using K-R-20 was respectively established at 0.74and 0.77, Test (ii) and (iii) were established using Crombach-alpha, and the reliability was respectively established at 0.79 and 0.72. The tests were administered to students in their various universities within two days. Data were analyzed using mean, and standard deviation for research questions and 3-way ANOVA for hypotheses. Analysis of the result indicates that in the overall test of scientific literacy. (i) Status of school has high influence on the scientific literacy level of non-science pre-service teachers (ii) Gender has no influence on the level of scientific literacy of non-science pre-service teachers (iii) Interaction effects existed between gender and departments of study of non-science pre-service teachers. Implications of the findings to Education and National development were given which includes that the non – science pre-service teachers can apply the knowledge of science in solving personal; and societal problems. Recommendations include that there should be a review of the teacher education curriculum to include more scientific literacy aspirations especially among the non – science options. Suggestions for further studies were made which include replication of the same study in other geo-political zones of the country.

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