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This project focuses on The Influence of Journalists Professional Orientation in  the their degree of commitment to the coverage of Rural Development. Its nature draws an understanding that journalists desist or shy away from handling rural assignments rather they go for urban assignments. with this, the researcher establishes an impact that rural ties needs to be attended to, they need a spokesman (journalist/s) who will help, let the government hear their yearnings, complaints and cries, over social amenities or other facilities. Nonetheless, the research stages out that journalists are meant to be laid exposed to Development Journalism and Development Communication. Hence the researcher found out that the professional orientation of journalists is highly recommended to journalists practicing or training. In order to find solution to this study, the researcher used survey method, applying questionnaire instrument to get the respondents opinion to the solution of the identified problem. At the end of the researcher’s data analysis, she concludes that Professional Orientation of Journalists Influences their Degree of Commitment to the Coverage of Rural Development. Thus the researcher further recommends that; Government should extend infrastructural facilities, social amenities and help to enhance the life of people in the rural areas. In essence media owners, both private and public should establish an extension of their media outfit to the rural areas and send a good number of journalists who work among the rural residents and personally feel their plight and yearnings.  Secondly the researcher suggested that journalists should be exposed to development journalism and made to embrace rural journalism during their training before practising.

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