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Advertising which is defined as the activity of telling people publicly about a product, services and idea in order to persuade them to buy it. Is a very strong element used in influencing consumers of a particular product to buy or purchase the product. The spirit of advertisement is very strong and drives in a force to consumers, changing or influencing their behaviours and makes them purchase a product. Marketing on the other hand which is any human activity directed at satisfying needs and want through exchange process, have a collaboration effort with advertisement in influencing consumer’s behaviour and attitude towards a product. Communication is very important when talking about Advertisement and marketing because in passing this information about a product to the audience, the use of communication is necessary. Communication however is the transfer of ideas, opinions, beliefs and information from one person to another, through a medium which is either in the printed form or electronic form. Therefore, using Advertising to influence consumer buying behaviour, the print media or Electronic media can serve as a definite driving element in communicating to them about the product.

Bank: GTBank
Account Name: Prince Orafu
Account Number: 0109980866

Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Prince Orafu
Account Number: 0065070861

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