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The media has been a tool for influencing the consumer choice of product in a competitive market. These have been influencing, persuading, informing and enlightening the target audience on a particular product through the means of advertising. Nigeria is as a developing nation in all aspects, economically, technologically, politically, physically and otherwise, therefore, citizens should concentrate on how to create revenue for the nation and also bring about employment and advertising is one means to achieve both purposes. Thus, the need for the researcher to embark on the research titled “The Impact of Advertising on the Consumers Choice of Soft Drink – A study of Coca-Cola” with specific reference to Nigerian Bottling Company Plc. Also the design method used by the researcher which is more effective for social sciences is survey method the researcher made use of the most efficient and effective method of sourcing for information from sources that are relevant to the study. Questionnaires were distributed as one of the valid instruments used for gathering information. Respondents were selected randomly and the hypotheses were tested using the simple percentage and chi-square (X2) goodness-of-fit-test formula to arrive at a definite conclusion. The results reflected the impact of advertising on the consumer’s choice of soft drink. Recommendations and conclusions were made based on the findings of the researcher one of the recommendations is that since advertising affects consumers choice greatly, efficient research should be conducted and the information presented should be for just profit but also to provide for their insatiable appetite.

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