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The research titled “The Impact of M

Selected Government Owned Companies In Enugu State introduction, where the researcher discussed the background of the study

including finding out the impact of management style on the efficiency of some government owned companies. To find out the management style adopted by the companies under study, to find out why there is poor attitude to work in those companies, to find out where there is poor performance and improper accountability in these companies and to

ascertain the causes ofd instabilitythe. Themanager significance of the study include that the study will be immense help to the

managers to understand the impact of management style on their companies. The companies covered where Enugu State Water Corporation, Enugu State Printing and Publishing Company and Sunrise Flour Mill. Under the literature review, the researcher discussed the theoretical framework of the study, the objective of governments in business, performance of government owned companies in Nigeria etc. The population was 700 and the sample size used was128 employees from the three companies. The sample size was determined using the Yaro

Yammani’s Formula. The major instru questionnaire. The researcher presented the data in tables using frequencies and analysized the data using inferential statistics, the hypothesis were tested using the Chi-Square formula. The summary of findings include that the management style adopted by these three companies were mainly permissive autocratic and directive democratic. The researcher concluded by saying the management style has a great impact on the efficiency of government owned companies. The accommodations included that the state government owned companies should be managed by people who have the necessary experience and training.

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