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This research work is on the “Impact of Industrial output on Industrial growth of Nigeria” between the period of thirty years [30] covered from 1980-2009.  Impact of industrial output on economic growth of Nigeria is a continuous discussion to every economy especially developing economies which will give rise to economic growth and development of a nation. Secondary data was used on E-view 6.0 version package to regress the variables GDP = f [Industrial output, savings, net foreign capital flow and inflation]. Our findings indicate that the influence of Industrial output on economic growth is not statistically significant, though the sign obtained from its apriori expectation is positively related to GDP but does not hold strong enough. Savings has a positive relationship and also significant impact on economic growth (GDP). Inflation has a negative relationship while net foreign capital flow is positively significant on the impact of economic growth. Based on the findings, it is therefore recommended that some policies is to be made in ways to improve the establishment of industries especially the manufacturing industries to encourage industrialization of the Nigerian economy so as to contribute to the strengthening of economic growth in the nation’s economy. Tax incentives through subsidies and government expenditure relates to increase in output and positive impact on economic growth. Increase in savings will make money available for the economy through low interest rate and income adjustments from the monetary policy.

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