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In responding positively to the quest for the use of computer in operating transaction, most utility organization in Nigeria today have become computerized, transactions are now faster, effectiveness are more reliable among the statement of the problem include poor information handling ,collecting and gathering in carrying out data required daily and non daily balances on time for the next day’s work, generally, there are problems of effectiveness, timeliness, and reliability of accounting activities and reports under method of information handling, consequently, activities and reports under the manual method of information handling. Consequently the objective of this research work is to evaluate the impact of computerization in the utility industry, to find out how computer is helping in the improvement and efficiency in the operation of the industry. To solve research problems primary and secondary data were adopted, the methodology adopted were simple percentage and chi-square data analysis, and summary of results, gave that computerization has led to the tremendous increase in efficiency and reliability of transaction. Individuals with dubious character can use computer in perpetuating crimes and committing fraud and accuracy of financial control problems and control of confidentiality and privacy of information, generated by the computer, sensitive data at times fall into unauthorized hands and are wrongly used. Based on the findings, the researcher recommends that the problems of confidentiality will be resolved by having tight control mechanism built into the computer information system. And those privileged to information should be clearly defined. All data files should be backed by proper authorization. The above information will help improve the board.

Bank: GTBank
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Bank: Diamond Bank
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