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The need for effective and proper planning necessitated the adoption of budgeting and budgetary control system. It is hoped that effective budgeting and budgetary would enhance effective performance, thereby, help in the attainment of the organization’s goals. This research will examine the role of budgeting and budgetary control towards effective planing in an organization as a whole, with specific objective of examining the need for sound budget preparation and implemention process. In going about this research work, primary and secondary methods will be used in data collection and sample methods were used in data analysis. This research work has become so important since organization performance is directly and indirectly dependant on how well an organization make use of budgeting and budgetary control system. From the finding of this research, it was revealed that periodic review of budget would go a long way in improving the policy formulation on and implimentation of future plans for the department and the whole organization. And that budget also assist planning by estimating the income and expenditure,which must be incorporated in planning. Based on the finding, some useful recomendations were made and it was therefore concluded that there was a need for lendget manual to suite it preparation instead of the usual mere guidlines.

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