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The study on the impact of advertising campaigns of planned parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN) on broadcast media, is media effect study. It was undertaken to investigate the Radio and Television advertisements on the Nigeria couples and singles alike. The study was executed using survey research method because it sought to find out people’s opinions, view, reaction and in-actions on the effects of the advertisement on family planning. She chose her population from where the study sample was drawn. Based on the sample size of 272, questionnaire copies as data collection instrument were developed, typed, distributed and filled copies collected back from the respondents. From the assembled data, so analysed, a lot of findings were made. Fore instance, it was discovered that the advertisement was having effect on family planning. On the result of this finding, the study recommends among other things that PPFN public relations department should put more effort, using even alternative and mixed media to reach the unreached target audience.

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