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Since 1843, when Methodist church came to Nigeria from England, it has spread to many areas of this country. It has created much influence in many areas and the church has contributed immensely in shaping the history of Nkanuland in a especially way. Understandably it has influenced positively on the lives of people. Nkanuland was formerly replete with evil practices and idolatrous traditions such as ritual killings, murder, idol worship, killing of twins and molestation of innocent citizens. With the coming of Christianity, a new history has emerged. However, that is not without the tireless efforts of the missionaries who paid great prices to ensure that the dignity of the Nkanu people was restored. Some of them were exposed to some terrible unfavourable climate which was characterized with mosquito bite which resulted in death. In spite of all these, they pressed forward to make an indelible mark in the history of Nkanuland and left lasting legacies as they were instrumental in stopping of killing of twins establishing of schools, hospital and above all the gospel. The data collection for this work was through participatory observations, books, journals and records in many churches.



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