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This research was carried out look into the effect of computerization and information technology on the practice of accounting profession. This is because accounting profession is one of those  profession that demand a lot task. It requires diligent and skilled personnel to achieve the standard required of it by those who utilize the service. This work is divided into five sections or chapters in order to give one an indent understanding about the effect of computerization and information technology. The first chapter deals with overview of what computerization and information technology is all about. Second chapter deals with review of related literature of this work.. in it we would have a clear understanding of the various accounting practice as it relates to auditing firm. Chapter three deals extensively on the research methodology and design use in the work such as population, data collection and samples size. Chapter four deals on the presentation and analysis of Data. Chapter five deals with discussion, summary, conclusion and recommendations. Finding my findings is that computer is an aspect of information technology available to accounting officers or personnel’s in computerized establishments for their operations. Since its introduction to business environment, its impact have been muchly felt on the overall organizational performance. Moreover, the level of effects of computerization to the practice of accounting profession to those that lack accounting knowledge. Therefore, the government should make plausible policies on information technology  to favor those that wish to invest on communication and information equipment to accelerate speedy development of the nations information network. Also computer as product should be subjected to proper capital budgeting analysis, be devoid of product deficiencies, timed perfectly during introduction and have no technical problems in other to achieve the objective of its application to the practices of accounting professions.

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