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The purpose of this research is to expose the multi-referential and the multi-dimensional syndromes of nsi as well as alerting the Igbo community of the harm and damages the nsi phenomenon has had and still having in the lives of the people in both their interpersonal and social relations. This research made use of primary and secondary sources of data collection. The primary source involved personal oral interviews with victims of nsi as well as the religious experts that treat the ailment. The secondary source entails the use of materials such as books, journals, newspapers, magazines, internet materials and projects. The data collected were analyzed using the area-culture method of interpretation as this was found very appropriate because of the culture-bound nature of the study. The research exposed both the sensory and abstract levels of nsi thereby demonstrating its physical as well as its transcendental intentionality. Thus, this research discussed nsi in its normal (sensory) and its paranormal (abstract) dimensions. This underscores why nsi in this research is seen as a poisonous concoction or poison which when taken into the body can kill, maim or injure a person or in its abstract levels like in actio-in-distance; as to the cases of iko ara, ido ogwu, iko ntutu, ife aju, and mental poisoning; all which cause serious damages on inflicted individuals. These themes are highlighted within the framework of Igbo consciousness of preservation and enhancement of human life and community solidarity.

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