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This study examines the application of accounting in business decision. The work aimed at assessing the reliability on the use of accounting ratio as a tool in business decision. Hypothesis has been propounded with empirical frame work analyzed for explanation both primary and secondary sources of data were used. To this end, this work is arranged into five chapters. Chapter One, introductions the work by discussing the problems of objective of the study, research questions or hypothesis, significance of the study, scope and limitation of study and definition of  related terms. Chapter two focuses on the review of related literature under this chapter the work of others were reviewed this revealing the meaning of accounting ratios and the role they play to aid business decision. Chapter three focuses research methodology of the work by discussing the research design, sources of data, population description, sampling method, method of data collection and data analysis and distribution and return of questionnaire. Chapter four deals with the presentation and analysis of data collected. Here also chapter five being the last chapter, simply summarized and concluded the work with recommendation to solve the identified problem.

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