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This work aims at critically examining the role of Public Relations in Business Establishments. In carrying out this research work, Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) Awka branch, was picked as a case in point and the role of public relations department of the organization was examined and its impact on customer satisifaction of the organization. The objective of the study is to determine the role of public relations in enhancing service appreciation among the customers of Power Holding Company of Nigeria, public relations contributions in solving the problem of inadequate communication in an organization, the efficacy of public relations tools adopted in creating good atmosphere and enhancing service appreciation and how the publics perceives the image of PHCN. The survey research method was adopted and the instruments used in the collection of data for the analysis was the questionnaire. A total of 396 questionnaires were administered to external publics while 100 were administered to internal publics. The data was analyzed using the simple percentage which revealed that public relations is a vital tool in enhancing service appreciation. The researcher therefore, concluded that public relations unit of an organization enhances service appreciation, and therefore recommended that PHCN should seek to correct its negative image and also enlighten or educate it’s public from time to time on the changes and decision that will affect the public in order to enhance customers satisfaction.



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