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Fund serves as blood in the life of every parastatals. Now Enugu state transport company been a parastatals can never do without fund for the parastatals to attain numerous activities. Funding become a sinequenon, example payment of salaries, provision of training programme, and recreation centre. This however tries to limit its work on the Enugu State transport company, it comprises of five chapters which are the introduction, the literature review, research methodology data presentation and its analysis as well as testing hypothesis and the summary of funding, conclusion and recommendation. In the courses of this research the researcher was able to find that base on political instability that scare the public away from investing in state parastatals also, the issue of privatization has experience since independence hinder the growth of state parastatals. The researcher also recommended that some shortcoming of states parastatals like qualified personnel, inaccessibility of road, moral persuasion and design of internal control system should be corrected to facilitate and consolidate state parastatals.

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