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This study examined audience perception of editorial page in Nigerian Newspapers using New Haven district Enugu as sample. The main purpose of the study was to find out the information appeal of the editorial page on the audience and the level of importance readers attach to the page. The researcher used Selective Perception as the theoretical framework, employed survey method and used questionnaire as a tool to elicit information. The study found out that the audience has different perception of the editorial page, some perceive it as educative, others exciting and it speaks the mind of the newspaper. The relevance of the editorials and the letters to the editor which is the newspaper’s contribution to civic dialogue is not appreciated and taken advantage of. It was therefore recommended that there should be adequate awareness on the need for people to read newspapers including the editorials and avail themselves of the opportunity to use the editorial page. Government should assist the management of Nigerian newspapers to reduce the cost of these papers so that everybody will have access to them.



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