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The work studied sacrifice in Obinagu town of Udi local government area of Enugu State. The aim was to trace the general meaning of sacrifice, theories of sacrifice, types of sacrifice and sacrifice in Obinagu with a view to assessing its religio-social, political and economic contributions to the town and the society at large. The researcher adopted Anthropological and phenomenological method. Information also came from primary and secondary sources. Primary sources includes information from different people and participatory observation while the secondary source were available written works on traditional sacrifices. In phenomenological method the sameness of certain structural data were analyzed to find out the implications of such data as it affects Obinagu cultural and religious life. The researcher found out that the peoples worldview is tremendously reflected on the nature and types of sacrifices being practiced in the area. Various types were practiced in the area depending on the need of the individual and the community. Finally behind these nature and types of sacrifices practiced in the area, it was discovered that the implications of the sacrifice to the community and the whole society at large cannot be overemphasized. They are reflected on all fabrics of the people’s life which consequently, enhance and promote continuity in the area.



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