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This study investigated the determinants of child laabour and its implications on the progress of UBE programme, with particular reference to Abakaliki urban, Ebonyi State. The study was a mere survey guided by three research questions. A sample of fifty (50) respondents were involved in the study. The sample was drawn from the population. A questionnaire designed by the researcher was used to collect data. The data collected were analyzed and calculated based on the assigned weight or value of the 4- point Likert scale or mode of response. Then the calculated weighted (standard) mean response and cut- off point of 2.5 was used to determine the significant status of each item/statement in the three research question. The results of each of the research question were listed in the research summary of findings. Based on the results of the study, conclusions were drawn and recommendations to solve the problem of child labour in Abakaliki urban were made, while limitations of the study were highlighted and related topics for further study were listed.

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