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This research work is designed to study risk assessment and control in credit administration in banks. A case study of First Bank Nigeria Plc, Effurun Branch. The objective of the study is to ascertain and critically appraise the risk assessment and control techniques of First Bank Nigeria Plc and determine its effectiveness on the profitability and performance of the bank and in ensuring that incidence of bad debt is reduced. Data were collected through Primary and Secondary Sources. As regard to primary source, questionnaire interview was used. The chi – square(x2) method was used for the analysis of data. Responsees to the questionnaire were analysed using percentage method analysis. In the study, it was revealed that most lending officers tend to underplay the importance of credit risk assessment and control in their credit administration, because of the difficulties usually associated with it. To guard against the risk faced in lending, lending bankers are expected to exercise reasonable skills, use a number of qualitative and quantitative techniques in analyzing credit proposals and assessing the risk involved. Banks should ensure that their credit policies are firmly strengthened, revised and implemented properly, it would lead to reduction in the bank risk assets portfolio and enhance profitability of the bank. The credit risk management policy manual of the bank should be designed to provide a comprehensive guide and framework in managing risk assets.

Bank: GTBank
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Bank: Diamond Bank
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