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This research was conducted in order to determine the role of radio in political mobilization. The objective of the study was to examine the crisis of political Participation and depoliticisation which have impeded the blossoming of democracy in the state that is Enugu State and in the country. It also examines the reason for the low political participation in Nigeria politics and equally the causes of the constant political crisis. As usually, it may be traced to several factors like low level of awareness and tribalism. Relevant data were collected for this work both Primary and Secondary sources of data. A descriptive survey method was used for this study. The total population of the habitant of Enugu North Local Government is 244, 852 at the 2006 census out of which questionnaire was drawn from five towns which constituted the sample size 250. The statistical instrument used in testing the validity of the hypothesis was chi square (x2). The findings revealed that there are insufficient usage of radio set among the people and this affects political information. Government monopolizing the ownership and control of the mass media is a hindrance to national progress in politics. The researcher recommended that dialect is the best medium or channel for political information desired to reach and mobilize the people.

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