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This study examines the Practice of Public Relations in the Abia State University, Uturu-Okigwe (ABSU) with the aim of ascertaining how far the units has being performing its duties to the University publics. As an empirical study, all the rules and regulations, applications and methods guiding the conduct of academic research were observed. The report of the study was written in five chapters, one to three as a proposal while four and five, after the field work. To help the researcher, she drew up questionnaire items and prepared interview questions with which she went to the field. With those measuring instruments for data collection, the researcher was able to come back with satisfactory data that revealed how ABSU PR Unit actually operates. The result of the study shows among other things that ABSU PR Unit is known to the University publics as fully and properly existing, but often clashes with the University alumni association in carrying out their functions. The result equally revealed that the University management interferes in the running of the Unit. Therefore, this researcher concludes that similar studies of this nature should be carried out in our tertiary instructions to ascertain the effective running of their PR Units. The researcher, then recommends that ABSU management should give the University PR Unit free hand to run its professional duties.

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