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This contains the impact of social responsibilities of Oil Companies in the host communities of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria: A case study of shell petroleum Development Company. It is true that most corporate organizations especially multinational companies are not living up to expectation in solving the problems contributed in the region by their activities. Their oil exploration had causes pollution in the area, which has caused untold hardship to the people. Thus, the objective of the study was to explore how best to use the practice of public relations in solving these challenges. Both primary and secondary data were collected. Instrument used to collect primary data were personal interviews, questionnaires and observation. Secondary data were collected from textbooks, journals, magazines, newspaper and libraries. Questionnaires administration and interview methods were the principal methods used for collecting data. Descriptive research methods and survey technique were adopted by the researcher. The research findings of the project work reviewed that social responsibilities programmes are necessary. The findings also unyield that shell company earnies out its social responsibility programmes in its host community. The researcher recommended that the company should increase and expand its social responsibility programmes and government should help in the development of the communities in which most multinational companies exist.


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