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This thesis examines the concept of Ogbalu’s folklore in some of his selected works. The folkloric genres used are folktales and proverbs. The entire work is divided into five chapters. Chapter one is the introduction and states the problem, the purpose of the study, the significance of the study, the methodology and the scope of the study. Chapter two is the review of related and available literature. Chapter three is the identification of folklore in selected works of F. C. Ogbalu and the subjection of the use of folktale to Richard Dorson’s criteria of biographical evidence, internal evidence and corroborative evidence. Ogbalu’s collections of folktales are equally examined in this chapter. From his works being used for this thesis, Ogbalu documented folktales with the help of anybody (because he was not an expert) so that Igbo folktales would not die. He did not follow the steps in folklore collection unlike scholars (folklorists) who actually did the work systematically. Chapter four deals with the proverb: its definition and collections by F. C. Ogbalu. It is noticed that Ogbalu wrote down the proverbs without their contexts. He also did not do the collection properly. Finally, chapter five looks at the relevance of F. C. Ogbalu’s publications to students of Igbo culture and folklore and conclusion. We observed that his publications are not relevant to serious students of Igbo culture. The conclusion is that folklore will not be wiped out if not

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