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Historically, Nempi traditional democracy is as old as the indigenes. When Nempi evolved from animal and fruit gathering stage and advanced to agricultural stage, it started living a communal life which was founded on a good leadership, transparency and honesty because of their fear of the unavoidable punishment from the mother earth. The above three benefits were the dividends of Nempi traditional democracy which are clearly absent in Nigeria democracy. As a way forward, this study was undertaken to highlight structural similarities and the dissimilarities of the two democratic governances with the hope of proffering how stakeholders in Nigerian democratic governance would improve by borrowing a leaf from Nempi democracy. It is hoped that the study will be invaluable to the students, teachers and researchers in traditional political organization in Igbo land. To achieve the above objectives, related literatures were reviewed to widen the researcher’s horizon. The survey research method was adopted. The population of the study is 180 Nempi citizens who were randomly selected from the 17 villages in Nempi. Instrument of data collection included questionnaire and oral interview. Tape recorder was used during the oral interviews. The collected data were assembled, analyzed and interpreted. Some of the findings which surfaced include:

  1. Nempi and Nigerian democracy are practiced in four levels.
  2. Structure of democracy in the two democracies includes the leader, executive and the general assembly.
  • Both democracies have organs to encourage democracy.
  1. The only panacea open to Nigerian is for the stake holders in the leadership, executive and the general

assembly to borrow a leaf from Nempi brand of traditional democracy. In the end the study was rounded off with summary, recommendation and conclusion




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