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This study focused primarily on Motivation, Leadership and Corruption in Corporate Affairs Commission. It is also used to tackle the problems of non existence of Motivation, Leadership and high level of Corruption in an organization at all levels in Corporate Affairs Commission. The source of data used for carrying out this research work was primarily through administration of well structured questionnaires such as personal interview, descriptive data analysis, was employed for the analysis of data collected. This research also serves as exposition tools on how motivation, leadership and corruption in an organization. During the process of findings, it was discovered that from 1991-2000, Motivation, Leadership was not seen in the activities and operations of the commission, which gave birth to corrupt activities. However, in response of staffs to the questioner, it was discovered that staff appreciates the new leadership styles of the management team. In view of the problems mentioned in the earlier chapter of this project, the following information is hereby suggested to bring motivation and leadership, such as: adequate planning, Manpower requirement must be met, adequate training must be put in place, Good Salary package, the working environment must be conducive for staff of the Commission.

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