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The primary aim of this work is to interconnect computers to form a local network in the Faculty of Natural Science because before the writing of this project, computers in the faculty of Natural Science were all autonomous. Once the network is established, resources (such as printer, files, and folders, hard disk, etc) can be shared in a timely fashion. This work presents the concept upon which all networking is based, also in this work you learn what a network is and why a community like Caritas University need to have one. You would be introduced to the essential components common to every network and see how these components work together to deliver the benefits that would be gotten by the implementation of this project. You would also learn about the primary network types, peer-to-peer and server based, and the three basic ways to lay out a local network. The offices selected are the places that on daily basis deal with data. The piece of work discusses the installation techniques adopted in a Local Area Network (LAN). The different topologies of a LAN are also x-rayed. Finally the needs analysis for a local Area Network, the packet tracer requirement, the storage capacity of the server, speed requirement and IP addressing were all looked at

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