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The negative influences of the advent of the advent of Europeans to Nigeria cannot be over emphasized. It had a lot of negative effects on her political, political, economy and cultural outlook. It is only a reflective and critical mind that can find out its problems and seek for workable solution to Nigeria political freedoms and seek for workable solution to solution to Nigerian political freedom. It was in the principles of Senghorian negritude were applied. The right application of these principles contributed to Nigeria gaining her political freedom. Therefore, our duty is to hermetically expose and critically evaluate Senghor’s principles of negritude to see how it contributed to Nigerian political freedom. However, at the of this study, one finds out that the application of Senghor’s principles of negritude is still relevant in today’s Nigeria, in the midst of neocolonialism. It is also relevant in our Nigerian Socio-political milieu for more harmonious administration.



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