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This thesis is designed to make a critical evaluation of John Rawls’ approach to social justice (distributive Justice), especially as he in his books, A Theory of Justice, that there is inequality in the society and anything that will worsen the already bad condition of the poor. The pervesion of justice in the society both in political and economic sectors has resulted in existence of a wide gap between the rich and the poor. This he says has in turn contributed in worsening the already deplorable condition of the poor. He therefore holds that the sure way of correcting this social ill is the application of the principles of his ‘ Justice as fairness’ in the society. In evaluating this notion however, we came to the conclusion that even though Rawls’ principles of justice as fairness are idealistic (hence, is Utopic), it is stil useful in practical life; for it among others things, tells us what we should do to correct injustices, deep distrust, and material deprivation.

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