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This research work is concerned with Israeli-Palestinian crisis and the role of the United Nations during the crisis. The scope covered is between the year 2000 to 2010. The method used for data collection in this research is mainly from secondary sources like text books, journals, encyclopedia and the internet. In the end, it was discovered that many attempts have been made to resolve the crisis between Israel and Palestine but has always met with failures due to lack of compromise by both communities. United Nations on the other hand has not lived up to expectations as the perception of the United Nations by the Israelis and Palestinians buttress this point. The Palestinians believe the Security Council is responsible for the non-implementation of many resolutions that have been passed in favour of the Palestinians. The Israelis believe United Nations is devoted to Palestinians with committees and agencies devoted to Palestine like the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for the Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) However, all hope is not lost as United Nations still offer the best chance to lead the conflicting parties in this direction of a negotiated settlement as it includes Arab States and therefore can deliver the widest support from this constituency.

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