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The study was on the Influence of Television on Consumer Buying Habits of Guinness Stout in Ikeja Community of Lagos State. It started with general introduction to the research, statement of the problem and purpose of the study. This was followed by comprehensive literature review of television advertising on consumer buying habits of Guinness Stout in Ikeja community of Lagos State. The researcher made use of the survey design to gather necessary information. Simple random sampling was used to select a sample of the population. Through the research methodology involving collection of data from a sample of residents of Ikeja in Lagos State, the researcher applied self-administered questionnaire to obtain primary data which was later analyzed by simple percentage and the hypotheses were tested using the chi- square analysis method. The result showed that television was viewed as the most preferred medium of advertisement of Guinness Stout. The researcher made the recommendation based on the findings that more attention should be focused on using television medium for advertisement of Guinness Stout.

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