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This study focuses on the influence of religious programmes on NTA Enugu in regulating the moral conducts of Nigeria student, a study of Caritas University students. This is an investigative study in which 280 questionnaires were distributed and 240 were returned. A survey research method was adopted to take care of the diver faculties of the University. Analysis of data showed that religious television programmes can regulate the moral conducts of students in our society. However, problems militating against the full watching of religious programmes in our society include the fact that most programmes that are given priority on TV screen are violent programmes where evil things that can destroy the society are carried out such like rape, kidnap, how to bomb, etc are projected. The study recommends that a strong legislation should be in place to check the unwholesome content of these films, especially those detrimental to the youths. It further recommends that parents should pay attention to the programmes their young ones watch. This study points out that for us to have a peaceful society; government must give priority to religious television programmes.

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