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In Nigeria, and to the world at large. It is considered that the labour forces (workers) are the most important instrumental asset in which business organizations, institutions such as colleges, universities etc use in achieving success and growth of any establishment which prompt the focus of this study. The impact of trade union on workers commitment in which Nigerian union of teachers (NUT) was taken as a case study. Two major hypothesis were formulated. The method of data collection was both the primary and secondary data. While the chi-square method was used for data analysis. The findings revealed that trade unions involvement has impact on workers commitment. It is the major reason for the formation of trade union which is formed to improve the working conditions of its members to work. The researcher also recommended that for impact of trade union on workers commitment to be effective, the trade union and those authorities responsible for the welfare of these workers should come together in reviewing those issues affecting workers commitment, such as life after retirement which is the most important issue considered by the workers.

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