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  • Background of the Study

The impact of advertising for businesses and brands in the 21st century has become imperatively permanent and therefore cannot be overemphasized. Advertising, it is generally believed, dates back as old as man himself, and thus has been present in his economic and socio-political life before recorded civilization began.Sapso (1975, p. 9) opined; “there is little doubt merchants to make good their waves, has had on existence almost as long as the customs of buying and selling, and it is but natural to suppose that advertisement in some shape or form have existed not only from time immemorial, but almost for all time”. Anyone living and working in any modern day society today is directly or indirectly under the influence of advertising, as businesses (domestic and trans-national) have tapped and ceaselessly benefited from the visibly roboust economic rewards that accrue, steady, sensible, communicative, persuasive and convincing advertising whether through the media (electronic and print) or through marketing drives from personal relations, the fundamental imitative has always been, getting goods, products and services through to the largest and smallest demography of consumers at optimum costs with maximum profitable benefits.

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