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Abstract Abstract Computers and telecommunication system  have  become  very important as delivery  systems and  productivity  tools  of  electronic  data  and  information.  Nigerian  banks  have  now realized that banking today requires prompt delivery  of  services, efficiency and the ability of  customers to  be  served  in  any  of  their  branches  any  part  of the country, without  any  encumbrance.  As  a  result  of  this,  banks  embarked  on  the  use  of  Integrated banking  application  that  can  help them  to  provide  efficient,  comprehensive  and nation- wide  services to  their customers,  through  the  use  of  WANs(wide area network).  The  focus of this study is mpacton of information“The  andi communication technology on banking  sector,  A  case  study  was  on  Access  Bank  Garden  Avenue  Enugu. 34 staff  was used  for  the  study  and  Questionnaire  drawn  distinctly  to  suit  the  purpose of this  study were   administered   to   various   respondents   in   a   2   point   scale of AGREED or DISAGREED.  The  chi-square  statistical  tool  was  used  in  testing  the  hypothesis  by  testing the “Goodness or Fitness” of theswere: freqinformation  and  communication  technology  is  widely  accepted  by  the  banking  sector,  The contribution  of  information  and  communication  technology  has  brought  about  a  new revolution  in the  economy and  helps to reduce  operational cost in the areas such as personal  management,  administration,  maintenance  and  information  and  communication technology which  has enhanced  efficiency  in  banking  sector,  through  the use of  ATM, smart cards reduction in the cost of doing   business in banks and following recommendation  with the intent that  if  adopted,  would  have  positive effects on the banking  sector.The  banks  should  improve  more  on  its information  technology  so  as  to enhance  its  productivity,  the  use  of  (ICT)  in  the  banking  sector  should not only be restricted  to the  cities alone, rural banking  should  also  be  improved upon from time  to time.  There  should  be  enlightenment  given  to  the  general  public  through the various media  on  how  to  use some  of  the  (ICT)  equipment  like  the  smart  cards,  ATM, etc and its importance should also be made known to the public.

Bank: GTBank
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Bank: Diamond Bank
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