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1.1 Background of the Study


Television is incorporated within the c child‟s inner world.




In discussing about television and evolutional development of T.V, some one may wonder how television affects a child of ten to eighteen year. But it is apparent that the young child is dominated by this TV. Children learn to read pictures they understand. In the watching of television, all the childrenthe socialseeorderinof the“reality”story. It is by observation of social relationship and by minor reflections of self that the child is socialized. Dumped mostly prematurely into the twentieth century, it is hardly surprising that the child still relies on what he see as the deception of reality.



As we accept that television and advertis starting with the onset prints, since the young child is exclusively concerned with here and now


of the present which is sufficient by demanding of his intelligence.


Advertising through television presents awesome advantages, they always make sure that through television advertising, each person‟s space to express veritable information about their products for the wellbeing of the society in




There are some advertisements of some products which are not good for the seeing of children. In this study we will be looking at one of the products:





Gold Circle:


Gold Circlemanufactured“Condom”inNigeria forispopulation services and packed in Nigeria by the society for family health. Thrown into the mix is the crackdown on condom advertisers by the Advertisement body charge with vetting and approving advertisement.


They are worried that advertising condoms could promote promiscuity. APCON had tightened the screw with new requirements that condom advertisement may not be aired on


children‟s                            programme   before   8pm   on   television


HIV/AIDS activists argued that the measure is counterproductive to the success achieved in promoting the use of condoms insisting that a large number of young people are finding it difficult to abstain from sex. Advertisement of condom (Gold Circle) should not be aired on children‟srammes as progthiswould affect the mental development of children, the advertisement should be aired at about 10pm in the late light.

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