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This study assessed the Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM) in Nigeria for development. The main objectives of the research were to find out the level of change brought about to Nigeria’s national development by GSM and to find out the challenges being faced by GSM users in Nigeria. To do this, a survey of 200 respondents randomly selected from Asaba metropolis in Delta State was carried out. The instrument of data collection was the questionnaire and the method of data analysis was quantitative with simple percentage employed for measurement. Findings from the study reveal that Global System of Mobile Communications (GSM) has contributed to Nigeria’s development in areas such as job creation, social integration, improved business performance and timely information exchange. It was also found that there are challenges associated with the use of GSM like poor service delivery by service providers, lack of electricity to recharge handsets, high tariffs, mobile lies and increases in fraudulent calls. On the basis of these findings, it was concluded that GSM has contributed to Nigeria’s national development and the benefits of GSM quite outweighs its shortcomings. Finally, recommendations were made on how to improve service delivery, provide adequate power supply, lower tariffs and identify locations of callers and identities of all subscribers.

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