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The global importance of English has endangered indigenous languages in Nigeria. Many parents no longer consider it important to educate or communicate with their children in their mother tongue. This work sets out to ascertain if the Nigerian Languages are truly endangered by the emergence of globalisation or the people are responsible for the endangered languages. The findings show that the English Language as a global tool has impacted negatively on Nigerian languages, and has contributed enormously to the endangerment of such languages. This is achieved by sampling opinion of different levels of respondents through the use of questionnaires and interview. It is believed that the English language enjoys greater prestige followed by major Nigerian language for glaring political, demographic and economic factors. The various government efforts aimed at sensitising, developing and preserving especially the major languages in Nigeria have not been successful, due to lack of proper implementation of these efforts. Furthermore, the inability of many renowned Nigerian authors to write in the local languages and the publishers’ lack of interest in accepting and publishing material in the local languages are quite detrimental to the development of the indigenous languages. It is sufficient to note therefore, that the continued use of the English language as a medium of instruction in schools, as well as in seminars, conferences, workshops, media and churches will continue to discourage the development of Nigerian language and culture.

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