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The problems encountered in the existing Billing/Suppot System which are the problem in transfering data, poor financial management,meter tampering of the  Billing/Suppot System imployed the energy Billing .The aim of this project is to design and implement an Energy Billing and Support System for electronic billing and also technical support for the new electricity meter used by the Power Holding Company of Nigeria.The Electronic Billing and Support System collects this data by means of a microprocessor (MSP 430) attached to the meter. This microprocessor chip collects the various variable quantities of the meters and send it to the route database for billing, analyzing and monitoring using the Energy Billing and Support System. It conveys these variables quantities to the route database by means of any effective communication devices like the Wi-Fi(Wireless Fiber), radio frequency AMR, low voltage power line transmission or the Bluetooth. This software keeps track of customer billing history, issues vouchers for energy refill, monitors the meter status and keeps all information related with the meter.

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Bank: GTBank
Account Name: Prince Orafu
Account Number: 0109980866

Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Name: Prince Orafu
Account Number: 0065070861

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