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 The emergence of privatization as a major policy issue is a phenomenon of the second half of the seventies (70’s). By the end of the 1980’s it has spread and become a slogan, “everybody is doing it”  Government intervention in Africa have so far been discredited not because there is an effective alternative in the form of an efficient market mechanism but because of inefficient management, poor results and miss-allocation of resources. The inefficient utilization of resources and financial miss-management of most of the public enterprises over the years have resulted in very week balance sheet, excessive debt, and in most cases negative network.  Furthermore, the fact that this indolent performance of the state in the administration of public business enterprise creates a situation in which national funds that would have been better spent to generate new economic activity and the employment  opportunities for the aim of the unemployed, are been used  to subsides dead wounds that would neither grow nor change. The aim of this project is to give a brief history of public enterprises and the problem confronting them, the need for privatization, commerciation, problem, and the prospect s of privatization and commerciation

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