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Before the advent of Reproductive Technology, it was witnessed that for many couples the issue of conceiving is achieved so easily. But experience testifies that a substantial number of couples would love to conceiving a child and experience the joy of parenthood, but their aspirations end in frustration. This kind of loss of hope is known to be real disappointment when no child is conceived between the 18th and 24th month of marriage. In the past years, the response to this kind of situation was actually different from what it is today, because the general attitude of people is nothing but going towards what is called “Test-tube babihood”. The method to be used in this research work is critical analysis. This research work therefore, intends to bring the concept of “Reproductive Technology” its importance and short falls, to limelight which will help to widen the knowledge of people about it. Literatures will be reviewed to widen the horizon of the research found in the analysis of the data collected. Suggestions were equally made on the ways to uphold the dignity of man in the process of Reproductive Technology. In the end, summary and conclusion will be drawn.

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