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This project work is aimed at having a complete analysis and design of a grain dryer that will utilize Kerosene as its fuel with consideration of pressure build up for saturated range for our local farmers. The analysis and design has its bases on the three mode of heat transfer operations, strength of materials and its availability. The analysis and design of the grain dryer will be of more benefit to agricultural sectors for the preservation of grains for both food consumption and future cultivation for a variable temperature. In the course of this analysis and design mechanisms, some essential mathematical models like Fourier laws of conduction, heat transfer equations relative to Stefan Boltzman and Stoicheometic analysis for the combustion of hydrocarbon together with fuel-air ratio were considered while the grains considered in this analytical design include maize (main), wheat, groundnut and sorghum. The temperature gradient at (dT/dx) relative to the wall components of the designed grain dryer prototype was equally analyzed. The grain dryer is such a way that it consists of two distinct units viz heating unit and drying chamber.

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