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This research work is designed to develop effective strategy for pension administration in the Nigeria public sector, using pension commission as a study. The research work reveals how some retirees are forced to continue to work throughout their life, not out of choice but for lack of means of sustenance at old age. The sources of data collection for this work are primary and secondary sources, the researcher in this process of data collection for the research regarded the questionnaire to serve as the most important instrument used in the research, and the data gathered from questionnaire are analyzed by simple percentage, the chi-square techniques was employed to test the hypothesis and interpret the information for better understanding. The findings reveal that, a non-effective and efficient strategy of pension administration can be likened to poor pension administration and budgeted income to pensioners is not implemented as at when due. The implication were that, committees should be set up to audit the performance of pension boards and other pension bodies and responsibility should be assigned to the right people who must have access to the right information concerning retires and also retirees should not solely depend on pension after retirement,

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