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 The research study is designed and carried out to evaluate the importance of effective delegation authority as a tool for management in Enugu state civil service. The research study was aimed at finding out public officials’ knowledge of the importance of delegation as a useful tool in any organization to attain organizational objectives. To do this, the researcher developed three major research questions. The research questions were administered in the form of questionnaire to 392 civil servants who were selected as a sample of the Enugu state civil service population. Apart from primary data collected through questionnaire, secondary data were also collected. In analysis and data presentation collected, tables and percentages were used. Data analysis and interpretation revealed that supervisor or officials in Enugu state civil service know how to delegate, had subordinates to whom they could delegate and however, delegation of authority is practiced at a very minimal level and is not effective in Enugu state civil service. It was therefore recommended that officials or superiors in Enugu state civil service should be encouraged and empowered with authority to delegate. They should lead by example by maintaining the highest level of integrity. This will in turn improve superior – subordinate relationship which will in turn build a sense of trust between them.

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