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Total quality management, which is the practice of striving for customer satisfaction by ensuring quality from all departments in an organization deals mainly with top management commitments and employees involvement. Top management trying to make the employees part of the processes and getting them involved in the quality programme to achieve customer satisfaction. This work tries to find out if total quality management improves organizations performance and also to know how organization perceives total quality management as a management strategy. In finding out the answers to the above, the researcher used simple percentages and chi square in analyzing the questionnaires given, it was found out that through the implementation of total quality management in an organization its performance will be highly improved in that TQM involves the involvement of all the members of an organization working towards a definite aim and it will in no doubt improve the organizations performance. To that effect the research recommends that to improve corporate performance through the implementation of TQM, that delegation of power and authority to influence the way in which training provision is organized and facilitated. This will encourage employees to set their own quality goals which will be easily attainable.

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