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This research studies the portrayal of contemporary Nigerian society in the poetry of Niyi Osundare and Ezenwa Ohaeto. This was done through a detailed discussion of the themes of unemployment, political corruption, poverty, and bad leadership. Through these themes, the research validates the stance that poetry mirrors the society like other genres of literature. The review of scholarship on these poets shows that they are committed poets in that they use their poetry to champion the cause of the oppressed (be it man or nature) and speak out against all forms of social vices. Through these criticisms, we actually perceive the contemporary Nigerian society in the poets’ works.


Finally, this research concludes on the note that poetry is very relevant for it entertains, informs and educates us on the issues that affect us in the society. It also shows that poetry works towards building a healthy society for all but at same time creates a room for further research on the extent to which the above objective is realized in Nigeria.

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